# Welcome

Warthog is an experimental cryptocurrency with world's first Proof of Balanced Work algorithm written by a group of crypto enthusiasts. It is meant to be a community effort and everyone is more than welcome to join and contribute. Who knows how big this project will be? This project is not a dumb fork of something else. It was developed completely from scratch!

Warthog's Janushash mining algorithm is unique across the crypto space, it is the world's first Proof of Balanced Work (PoBW) algorithm, which requires CPU and GPU hash power for mining.

The core repository offers two applications:

  • Node
  • Command line Wallet

Furthermore there are two third-party wallets:

You can join the Warthog community on Discord.

# Starting a node

Doc available here :

# Using a wallet :

Doc available here :

# Mining

Mining Warthog's Janushash algorithm requires both, a good CPU and a GPU.

Docs available here :